22nd - 24th April, 2022

Written by Beth Greetham

Directed by Jack Lovett

Produced by Jack Lovett & Mikayla Maree Melo

Presented by arrangement with Hambledon Productions

About the play

LIVE IN FIVE is an energetic, new comedy, written by Beth Greetham as part of Hambledon Productions’ annual Scriptwriting Workshop. Each participant of the workshop wrote the first ten pages of a script, which were then presented in a scratch night to a live, voting audience. Beth’s script was voted the audience’s favourite, and was then developed into a full play by Hambledon Productions. 

LIVE IN FIVE is set in a modern day news broadcasting studio. The SLWK News team struggle to prepare for an impending visit from their boss, while challenging each other to give something up for their annual Lent celebration. A play that features everything from fights and love stories to panthers, teddy bears and station ghosts, this is one that will have you laughing from start to finish!

Meet the cast!

Check out the venue!

We presented our production of “Live in Five” at the Helensvale Library & Cultural Centre, from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th April, 2022. The venue boasts excellent facilities including a 208-seater auditorium, dressing rooms, technical support staff, and the latest audio visual technology, as well as a range of other creative spaces.

A word from the director

Jack Lovett

Jack was so excited to present “Live in Five” to Gold Coast audiences! Being friends with the writer, he went to see the original production of the show in 2017 and absolutely loved it. Jack is a huge fan of TV workplace comedies like “Parks and Recreation”, “The Office”, and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. His hope was to put on a show similar to shows like these – energetic, modern, and a bit silly. 

As this was the company’s debut theatre production, we wanted to choose a script that would be not only a fun process for an ensemble cast, but that would be simply a light-hearted, laughter-filled night of fun for the audience. Jack was so grateful to have the chance to work with such a lovely, comedically talented cast. He enjoyed watching them build friendships throughout the rehearsal process, which translated into some fun on-stage relationships. Each performer brought the show to life with their own comedic sparkle.

Meet our musicians!

Jacaranda Tree Productions (Carolyn and Scott Lovett) composed, orchestrated and recorded the amazing theme song, news theme, and incidental music for our production! 

Check out their website at 

Special Thanks

Lesa and Marcel Melo
Carolyn and Scott Lovett
Beth Greetham
Hambledon Productions
Pauli Pauli
Rachel Simons
Natalie Stephenson
Feather Touch Photography


We were lucky enough to have some amazing production stills taken by Rachel Weber from Feather Touch Photography during our tech rehearsal! Check them out below!

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